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Get A Glimpse

These are some personal projects that I am starting on. I will be capturing their evolution from sketch, to design, to motion work as I implement various new technologies that I am learning on my own.

Staying Abreast

Here's the latest assortment of a random collection of blog posts. From work-worthy, to not-so-work-worthy, from my autobiography, to health and fitness, from code to design, my gripes and concerns, my opinions, cool links I stumble upon, videos, music, articles, and uncategorized miscellaneous, it's all right here!



I couldn’t believe I was hearing new Tricky on NPR. They even had a link to listen to it from start to finish. Later that day I ran from my sailboat to Sonic Boom in Ballard and bought this. YES! Bought a CD. A-mazing! I simply had to install a full component system with two 8″ JL Audio subs into my ’67 Mustang just to bump this getting ready for the 50th anniversary of the Mustang. UH-huh.  No regrets!

Have you recently bought software?

I’m not sure the current schism amongst web folk, but I know there are many, many people out there in TV land who have not purchased *any* software in awhile; if ever.  In 2013 I purchased two pieces of software and I could not be happier with that decision. What did I buy?  CodeKit and Sublime Text 3.  Do it.  You’ll be glad you did.

Growing as a designer

My goal this year is to grow by leaps and bounds as a DESIGNER learning JavaScript properly thanks to Seattle’s design and development community. With Firebase and frameworks gaining momentum user experience on the view and data layers will never be the same.  Follow me as I work on what I really want to be doing with most of my waking work life: Getting back to producing the accessible experiences I was conjuring up way back when I was doing Flash and ActionScript in 2008-2010 before switching gears to start learning to become as quick with hand-coding HTML/CSS/jQuery as I was with building full Flash sites. Read More